Jan 8, 2022
I’m trying Logseq out now. I’m disappointed Roam’s stagnation in development. The only recent news I heard was a few months back: drama between the team and community. Poor decisions were made to ban avid Roam users who were offering constructive criticism.
Logseq is local-first, using markdown files, which is more secure from both a privacy angle as well as future-proofing. They already have a native Android app in alpha stages. Soon there will be a sync option.
The user interface is more pleasing to work in than Roam, too. Fluid transitions, text size and whitespace, and being able to click at the bottom to add a new block.
It does have some things that could be better. Right-clicking in a block doesn’t give the copy/paste menu. Can’t automatically link unlinked references. Undoing doesn’t take you to the page where the undo happened, so you’re doing it blindly without knowing what’s being changed.
So far, I’m impressed. Most importantly is that the dev team is more community-centric, listening to feedback, and not self-centered and trying to create a pseudo-cult.