Homepage finally moved

Jun 6, 2022
Homepage finally moved
As talked about in
Web hosting for my homepage
, I wanted to cancel my plan with Ghost and host myself for free through Notion.
Notion doesn’t let publicly shared pages live on your personal domain. There are tricks to make them appear that way, but the free ones would make it possible to make someone else’s Notion page appear on your domain.
That is until the current solution, which uses Notions API to download the page data and then render it itself. I have full control over headers and footers with a bit of code knowledge. I removed some elements that I didn’t want. I can also control the slugs in the URL, and set up redirects so all my old links still work properly.
I’m not a fan of the dark mode, so I’ll have to do something about that. Also the styles of links with the thick underline and color the same as the rest of the text.
However, this is also a temporary solution. It is not sufficient for all my ship its, because it takes a long time to load. What I want is a static site that I can update whenever, not one that fetches from the Notion API and then keeps an outdated cache after I make changes.
But this is good start for my simple homepage.