Jan 18, 2023

Got my WHOOP - “What gets measured get managed”

Got my WHOOP - “What gets measured get managed”
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Apr 27, 2022
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My WHOOP finally came in, after a month waiting for it to ship. Of course, I have to wait longer before I can use it. It was not charged, and neither was the charger battery. So I had charge the external battery, then attach it the the WHOOP band and charge the device up. Then, no tracking results will show until after 4 days, because that’s how long it takes for it to figure out my baseline.
But I’m excited. I’ve been in the habit of starting a logger timer on my phone when I lay down to sleep and stopping it in the morning. All this gives me is my duration in bed, not the duration I’m asleep, or the quality of my sleep. And I’ve never really checked on my data to reflect on my habits to make changes. I’m hoping WHOOP will change this. By seeing the duration and quality of my sleep in nice graphical charts, with nightly goals graded for how long I sleep, it gives it a gamification aspect that I’ll likely be more motivated to meet.
It also records heart rate and gives cardio goals. I’ve been wanting to exercise more. I got silicone wrist band to cover the WHOOP when I go swimming, so that water does not interfere with the sensor next to my skin.
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