Getting Outside

Oct 29, 2021
Getting Outside
For 3 months, I've been tracking each day that I go walking outside for some sun. August and September, I went outside for about half the days. This month so far, which is almost over, I've only made it out 4 days.
I need to get outside more! I want to enjoy the remaining nice days before it becomes too cold. I remember last winter having the urge to go out and impatiently waiting for spring. I had plans to do a lot of jogging.
I know how good it is for the skin to get some sun. Going in the morning helps with sleep cycles. I have some residual clean freakishness, because some resistance is that I feel dirty from sweat after going out, and I'm too lazy to shower a second time mid-day.
Another thing causing resistance is how easily I run out of breath. Moving from flat, sea-level Florida to the mountains of Colorado has been a big shift. Part of me wants to exercise more to build up my endurance and adapt to the decrease in oxygen. But another part is disappointed that I'm so out of shape and doesn't want to face failure.
I'm going to regret not taking advantage of these few nice days left before it starts snowing and winter sets in. I need a better way of turning it into a habit. I'm cooped up too much in my room on my computer. I value being healthy, but not taking healthy actions in this area.