Dislike of phone numbers, SMS, and calls

Feb 11, 2022
Dislike of phone numbers, SMS, and calls
I don’t pay for an active phone number with voice and SMS messaging. I only want data. Phone tech is outdated. Text messaging can be done in apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, LINE, and WeChat (I use all of these). I like Telegram’s chat features the best: can edit past messages to correct spelling errors or articulate thoughts better. In the other apps, at best, you can unsend a message. Fb Messenger and LINE have fun video effects. Other apps that support DMs are Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, though that is not their main feature (and usually aren’t as great)
Normal text messaging over phone lines is permanent. It’s also a pain to use MMS in group chats.
For phone calls, I use a Google Voice number, which I can use on my PC. I can view and send antiquated SMS messages on both my PC and phone. But I prefer dedicated apps that use pure data or Wi-Fi, not SMS.
Then there’s the issue of calling. I hate receiving calls out of the blue that I’m not expecting. And most of them are spam. Zoom is great. I always schedule these calls on my calendar. The previously mentioned text apps also support audio and video calls. The quality is higher.
As for phone numbers, I dislike when the other apps require this to have an account. It’s even worse when a service requires it to send verifications, and won’t accept my Google Voice number. I get it, that it’s to help cut down on fake accounts. You have to pay for a phone number, and your information is available to be collected. But it is not secure. SIM card identity theft is too common, stealing your phone number and gaining access to apps that use your number for 2-factor authentication. These services should use Google Authenticator or Authy for 2FA instead. These are more secure. Though they aren’t that common. I didn’t use these until I got into crypto, where everyone uses them.
I look forward to when identities can be proven (but not shared) with blockchain technology. Phone numbers will no longer be the standard. Old phone tech can die now, going the way of horse buggies, to make room for sports cars.