Nov 5, 2021

Data. Information. Knowledge. Wisdom. Perspective.

Data. Information. Knowledge. Wisdom. Perspective.
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Nov 5, 2021
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🧠 Second Brain
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Data. In the digital age, data is king.
Data is just measurements or facts about things observed. By itself, data is useless. It needs to be made sense of. For data to have value, it needs to inform you about something.
That's what information is: data that is able to tell you something about the world.
While information is abundant now, not all of it is relevant.
Knowledge is information that you have consumed and made yours. You know it and can recall it (either from your first brain or second brain).
But knowledge is not always useful. It has to be applied for it to be meaningful.
Wisdom is knowledge that's made personal. It's an optimal way to apply knowledge to the benefit of yourself and others.
Your collection of wisdom and knowledge is what makes up your perspective. But it's not always wise.
It must be refined, through the lens of personal experience and gleaned experiences of others.
This is what gives your perspective value. Both for yourself and for others.
What impact do you want your perspective to have? How do you want to add value to yourself and others?