Coaching difficulty

Feb 18, 2022
Coaching difficulty
One of the things I dislike about being a “Second Braingineer” computer coach is not being able to immediately answer and satisfy a client’s needs.
It’s an exploratory process. The best I can do is help them figure out for themselves what’s best for them. This could mean teaching them several different second brain apps. And then them abandoning each app when they find out it doesn’t work for them. I feel bad about recommending something for them to try out, only for it to seem like a waste in the end.
I don’t get the sense that they feel that way about me, like I’m misleading them or wasting their time and money. But I feel powerless at times. I don’t have all the answers. I haven’t even figured out my own second brain system completely, as I keep trying out new shiny apps.
Maybe that makes me more relatable to them. But it begs the question about my expertise. Sure, I can figure out the tech side of things of just about any app or operating system. But the painful reality is, no app is going to be a perfect match. Each of them has pros and cons. I really don’t know what’s best for each client.