BASB 14 start

Apr 1, 2022
BASB 14 start
Today the 14th cohort of Building A Second Brain has started! The first week is a new Tech Week, which goes over each of the main tools. This lets students get an overview and choose their tool before getting to the BASB content. I’ll be giving a demonstration of Roam in a session next week. Today, I was on a panel with 5 other mentors discussing the benefits of each tool we represent, and answering questions from the chat.
I was a BASB mentor in the previous 2 cohorts, but this time I’m a moderator. I enjoy this role more, monitoring Circle for questions and answering them, especially the technical ones. I don’t have the pressure to prepare a weekly lesson anymore. The only exception is during Tech Week. (I’m the only moderator in charge of giving a tool demonstration, while the other demonstrations are by mentors.)
I was assigned to be the Roam moderator. Which is interesting, since I stopped using Roam a couple months ago. Now Obsidian is my daily driver, along with Notion, which I still use even when I used Roam (and before).
People have already started contacting me with questions, and I’m happy to help.