Accidentally sending inappropriate messages to the wrong people

Apr 20, 2022
Accidentally sending inappropriate messages to the wrong people
Twice now, I meant to send a message to one of my best buds from high school, and ended up accidentally sending it to someone else within the same messaging app.
The first time was telling an embarrassing bathroom story (or rather, lack of bathroom access story) that happened in Japan. The second time (today) was detailing unexpected and shocking sexual content in an anime show that disgusted me, causing me to give up watching it after the first episode. (It was rated PG-13 on Japan’s version of Disney+ for crying out loud!)
These were accidentally sent to different people, both women from mutual online courses.
It still makes me cringe so much.
Why am I even writing about this? I guess I’m hoping this will be some kind of release, that will allow me to forget about the situation. If everyone knows about the stupid mistakes I make, then there’s no worry about keeping secrets and hiding my faults. It decreases the fear of judgment, and in turn lessens the self-judgment. And maybe some readers could even relate to the situation from their own experience and laugh with me.