3 Ways that Transformed My Toilet Routine

Dec 2, 2021
3 Ways that Transformed My Toilet Routine
This is a re-publication of a tweet thread I posted 9 months ago.
Riddle: When does it feel good to have a feeling of emptiness inside?
Answer: After a bowel movement.
Here are 3 non-diet ways that have transformed my toilet routine into a more pleasant pooping experience in the past couple of years...

1. Squatting on a stool

This puts you in a more natural posture for easier elimination.
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2. Using essential oil spray

This traps stinky smells on the surface of the water, leaving only fragrant scents in the air.
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3. Washing with water

Due to the "Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020", I did some researching for alternatives. This article convinced me to get a bidet bottle. It's way faster and cleaner than toilet paper. Never going back.