3 ways I’m fixing my posture

Jan 14, 2023
(Originally shared in VRDA Discord server in #fitness)

I've been concerned about my posture for a few years. Here are some things I've come across to help with it.
1) Foundation Training
Developed by Dr. Eric Goodman, Foundation Training is a set of exercises that:
  • strengthens your lower back and posterior chain,
  • decompresses the spine,
  • addresses forward head posture,
  • is used by athletes to train good posture and prevent injury,
  • and is used by normal, everyday people (even the elderly) to alleviate back pain.
I've made a habit of doing at least one FT stretch everyday. You can find some of these workouts on YouTube.
2) Topo mat
It's been claimed that sitting is as bad for your health as smoking. I stopped using a desk and put my laptop on a tall dresser so I have to stand to use it. But as MIS mentioned in the lecture, it's important to stay active and switch static positions (like standing). This type of mat has a "topography" that lets you move your feet around instead of standing flat-footed all the time.
notion image
3) Upright Go
This actually just came in the mail for me today, so I can't comment on its effectiveness yet. It's a little device that attaches to your back and vibrates when you slouch. (I still slouch when standing at my computer, so I'm hoping this will make me more mindful to correct my posture.)