3 ways I take notes (in Obsidian)

Apr 13, 2022
3 ways I take notes (in Obsidian)
  1. From a specific article, podcast, or video
    1. I’ll create a new page for this. Then I’ll add metadata about the source, author, date, and media type. Then I’ll copy/paste or type the snippet of information that caught my interest. I’ll link or tag
  1. Searching a topic
    1. I’ll create a page for the topic, then collect highlights onto this page, with a minimal of metadata to source it. Unless there’s a lot, I won’t create a separate page as in #1 above.
  1. Gathering opinions
    1. Sometimes I’ll be in the YouTube comments or Reddit post, and like what people are saying. So I’ll collect that onto a page, quoting their words in a blockquote, and including a permalink to the source. This is similar to #1 above except that it’s not directly from the source, but people commenting about the source.
I’m not satisfied with this system. #1 takes a bit of prep work, and often causes resistance to the point where I’ll stop consuming the source and procrastinate on it until I get the note set up. #2 means I don’t have a consistent method of attributing metadata to a source. #3 is usually a waste. I have yet to comeback and review these opinions. They are also mostly confirmation bias, just articulated in ways I like.
I don’t import from Readwise, because that will turn into a dumping ground and information graveyard.
I want to improve taking notes for actionability and have a system for reviewing them.