Common error causes

Secrets error

R2G ERROR - Secrets error: R2G_EMAIL not found (or R2G_PASSWORD or R2G_GRAPH)
One of those secrets is blank or missing. Add it in Settings > Secrets

Login error

R2G ERROR - Login error. Roam says: "There is no user record corresponding to this identifier. The user may have been deleted." or R2G ERROR - Login error. Roam says: "The email address is badly formatted."
Your R2G_EMAIL secret is incorrect. Try updating it.
R2G ERROR - Login error. Roam says: "The password is invalid or the user does not have a password."
Your R2G_PASSWORD secret is incorrect. Try updating it.
Make sure you're not using a Google account login, as this is not supported. (If you are, sign out of Roam, and on the sign-in page, click "Forgot your password" to set a password.)

Timeout error - operation was canceled

Timed out with R2G astrolabe spinning... then Error: The operation was canceled. or "TimeoutError: waiting for selector .loading-astrolabe to be hidden failed: timeout 600000ms exceeded" Possible causes:
  • The most common reason is your R2G_GRAPH secret is incorrect. Try updating it (make sure it's only the graph name, not a URL)
  • Roam's servers happened to timeout. Try re-running the job later.
  • You don't have permission to view that graph (in case of trying to backup up someone else's graph).
  • You graph is too large to be loaded within the backup timeout (default set to 10 minutes). This is highly unlikely, as it shouldn't take 10 minutes to load. (If you still think this is the case, you could try increasing the timeout in main.yml and adding the TIMEOUT env setting as explained here: Extra Options)

EDN formatting error

R2G ERROR - EDN formatting error: mismatch with original
The file integrity check to make sure the formatted version of the EDN file matches the downloaded EDN export failed. Please let me know if this were ever to happen.

Error with retrieving the default branch name

Retrieving the default branch name Error: Not Found
notion image
Your BACKUP_REPO Secret is incorrect.
Please try updating it with the format of GitHub username/backup repo name
For example, if the username is everruler12 and the backup repo name is roam2github:
notion image
Then the secret should be:

This is incorrect:

Fatal error - couldn't find remote ref

Error: fatal: couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/main Error: The process '/usr/bin/git' failed with exit code 128
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You probably forgot to initialize your backup repository with a README file:
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To fix, you just need to add something to your backup repo to initialize it, like a README:
  • Go to your backup repo
  • Under Quick Setup, click creating a new file
  • Add for the file name
  • Add something to the body, like # README
  • At the bottom, click the green Commit new file button
    • Your repo should now be initialized.
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Still Not Solved? Contact Me

If you still have issues getting this to work, let me know at
If possible, please send me a link to your public repo so I can view the logs.
Or attach the log archive of the failed backup job. Here's how to download the log archive:
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