Why Erik is starting a community

Here’s a little background behind why I’m launching a community. During high school and half of university, I was super shy and didn't have many friends. A roommate introduced me to Japanese anime shows, and I got hooked. I wanted to watch them without English subtitles, so I decided to start learning Japanese. I joined a Japanese study group halfway through university, and started making friends with Japanese international students. Later, I co-founded a new student club for Japanese language exchange. The time spent there are some of my best memories!

Photo of Field Day event with members of the Japanese language exchange club. (I'm in the blue shirt in the right half of the photo.)

After graduating, I worked in Japan for 3 years as an English teacher. While there, I took an online habit building course, and ended up becoming a teacher's assistant and community manager. I enjoyed that a lot more than singing ABC’s and entertaining Japanese kindergarteners with the same basic English words week after week.

I returned to America right before Covid hit. I've been taking quite a few online courses during this time. One of them was Write of Passage. I started a morning writing group last March, which is still ongoing. The friendships developed there have reached the level of my college days.

Through all of this, it became one of my dreams in life to eventually facilitate my own online community. It recently dawned on me that there was no good reason to wait on working to turn this dream into reality. So, here I am!

What to expect

Now that the BASB cohort is over, you may be worried about implementing all the stuff you’ve learned. It can be hard to keep ourselves motivated in maintaining our second brains and sticking to new habits. I hope to offer you a community where you can continue on with other like-minded people!

What you’ll get as part of Erik’s community:

  • Weekly review focus sessions. This is how it started. Grounding your week with the accountability and support of others doing their weekly review at the same time is the motivation many of us need to be successful. I run them twice a week over Zoom at these times:
    • Fridays at 8:00pm ET
    Sundays at 8:30pm ET
  • Support from Erik. I will be setting up our homebase on the Circle platform. There will be a space where you can ask questions to me and the community. No question is too big or too small! I will personally respond to all of them.
  • Monthly hangouts. This will be an opportunity for us to share the things we have been learning or creating, as well as to ask and answer questions.

See weekly review session format and resources


Here’s why I’ve decided to start a community with paid memberships:

  • People value what they pay for. Those who are committed to bettering themselves, maintaining good habits, and connecting with others will see it as an investment. It also helps with accountability, as you’ll be more likely to show up.
  • Since leaving Japan, I’ve been on a journey to figure out what I’m good at and what I care about. Through the past year of online courses, I found that my passions and skills lie in education, technology, and community. Now, I’m working on supporting myself within these areas. I’ll be actively supporting you in the community by hosting sessions and answering questions in the Circle forum.
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I had some trouble deciding on the pricing. After getting on calls with a few people and receiving input, these are the subscription plans I’ve settled on:

  • $25 Monthly
  • $60 Quarterly

If you are not satisfied with the value provided by the community, or something happens and you are no longer able to attend the weekly review sessions, I’ll have no problem sending you a refund.

I don’t want to exclude people just because of money. If you want to join the community but aren’t able to afford it, please fill out this Google Form, and I’ll get back to you!

If you have any questions at all, you can just reply to this email. I’m excited about this launch, and look forward to having you join!

Erik Newhard


I've been a part of this community since the start and I've been very grateful to have found a group of people who are focused on creating and keeping their digital world organized.  Doing a weekly review with others means that it will get done!  During our monthly chats, we get to know each other more and form friendships with common interests.
~Zulma Cadena


If this is something you would like to join, here is the checkout page!